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The Third Hospital

TV Show : The Third Hospital / The 3rd Hospital (literal title)
Revised romanization : Je 3ui Byeongwon
Hangul : 제 3의 병원
Director: Kim Sol-mae , Hwang Jeong-hyeon
Writer: Seong Jin-mi
Network: tvN
Episodes: 20
Genre: Medical Drama
Release Date: September, 2012, 05
Runtime: Wed. & Thurs. 23:00
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Replacing : I Need Romance 2


Set within the neurosurgery department at a general hospital. The storyline takes place in a neurosurgery department at an alternative hospital. There's a continuously ongoing debate regarding traditional Eastern medicine and Western medicine. The doctors are all equally passionate about their chosen type of practice.


Main Cast

Kim Seung-Woo as Kim Doo-Hyun
Description : Kim Doo Hyun is a brother of Kim Seung Hyun and a Neurosurgeon-doctor who always believed on modern-day medicine technology (western medicine) when saving patient's lives. He will be as a rival with his own brother (Kim Seung Hyun) on whose ideas is better on the practices of medicine at that hospital. Things got stickier when the two are forced to work together for cure patients. 

Oh Ji-Ho as Seung-Hyun  
Description : Kim Seung Hyun is a genius Oriental (traditional) medical doctor and having family relationship as a brother with Kim Doo Hyun. Oh Ji Ho, who plays leading cast , is described as a doctor who turned from modern medication into oriental medicine because he lost his loved ones. He is believed on Eastern medicine (acupunture) and will compete with his own brother ( Kim Doo Hyun ) because of their different views on medicine, but also come together to help save patients’ lives. A refreshing character that is compared with leading cast from another medical dramas lately. And the story will still circle around the politic in hospital and stories about patient.

Kim Min-Jung as Hye-In
Description : Jin Hye In is a doctor on neurosurgery department at that hospital. She will be on one of Kim Doo Hyun's Teams when they are having competition with Eastern (traditional/oriental medicine) teams. She has a warm heart and bedside manner. This is, her second role as a doctor after New Heart series drama.

Choi Sooyoung as Ui-Jin 
Description : Lee Eui Jin plays as a talented violist/cellist in the drama, strung a cello on her shoulder and smiled brightly at the camera. She is a daughter of a senior doctor in that hospital. She will having a crush / romantic storyline with Kim Seung Hyun (Oh Ji Ho). 

Supporting Cast

Choi Yoon-so
Kim Jong-goo as Yang Hyan-gyoo
Lee Tae-geom as Ahn Hyeong-joon
Im Ha-ryong as In-gook
Nam Moon-cheol as Jo Seong-wook
Park Geun-hyeong
Lim Hyeong-joon
Yoo Tae-woong

Correlation Chart

Source : Soompi + + Various

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Episode 01 - Ernie / RAiN / WITH (VK),
Episode 02 - Ernie / RAiN / WITH (VK),
Episode 03 - Ernie / RAiN (VK),
Episode 04 - END Ongoing File~

Credit : The 3rd Ward Team

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